Arthur, Jean Michel and Samaya began work began on the project in LA and Boulder in April 2015, excellent progress has been made and it is now up and running. It quickly became clear that great visualization is key to pushing the pieces to their maximum and we are working with one of London’s leading creative agencies Marshmallow Laser Feast to develop an immersive interactive experience and live show.

The plan below shows the scope of the project, in terms of creation and applications.


Exo-planets: 9 x 5 minute tracks, one per planet, for album release.

Kilanova: 20 minute suite, for album release.

There will also be an accompanying album which will include either straight remixes or in some cases unique algorithm data will be shared with special guest artists and producers in order to collaborate further on these musical themes.


This will be a 60 minute (plus interval) live show involving a MIXTURE OF LIVE AND PRERECORDED sound and visualisations to be shown at partner venues.

  • 40 minute exo-planets show followed by an interval and then 20 minute Kilanova section

  • Designed for 360 environments, scalable to suit more conventional venues.

  • Video/VR/3D - spin offs for web / 3D / VR environments (potential to discuss with Magic Leap)


Premiere: Convento Di Santa Croce, Batignano, Tuscany


  • Griffiths Observatory, L.A.

  • Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, Colorado

  • Hayden Planetarium, New York City

Other venues of choice:

  • Science Museum - London

  • Royal Albert Hall - London

  • Nagoya City Science Museum, Nagoya City, Japan



Design touring show to be able to be set up in settings such as blacked out school halls.

Further applications like getting children to design their own musical versions of the planets through a simple app.

Through it’s inherent design, the show could be developed to benefit individuals across a spectrum of special needs who benefit from visual/audio stimulation / multi sensory experiences.