Listen to Some excerpts of THE MUSIC from 'Gravitational Waves and Exoplanets', a collaboration between Arthur Jeffes, Samaya Nissanke, Jean Michel Desert and Marshmallow laser FEast



This piece explores the immediate afterglow following the birth of a black  hole. We took the ringdown light-curve and mapped it onto a midi grid to get the main piano theme. This is then developed in a fugue system to get the second and third themes. The percussive sounds are chopped up gravitational waves... 


Black Hole 3.7

For this piece the only sounds are piano, strings and gravitational waves. the piano line comes from mapping a Neutron Star/Neutron Star collision curve into midi and quantising into the correct key. The piece builds up where KILONOVA goes in the other direction.


EARTH - 812

This is the exoplanet algorithm as applied to Earth. All the elements are derived from Earth's 8-note motif in some way. We were relieved to find that the motif is essentially an optimistic one... 



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